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Review of the Fractional Black-Scholes Equations and Their Solution Techniques

Hongmei Zhang, Mengchen Zhang, Fawang Liu and Ming Shen
Fractal and Fractional 8 (2) 101 (2024)

Analytical Investigation of Some Time-Fractional Black–Scholes Models by the Aboodh Residual Power Series Method

Muhammad Imran Liaqat, Ali Akgül and Hanaa Abu-Zinadah
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Fractional view of heat‐like equations via the Elzaki transform in the settings of the Mittag–Leffler function

Saima Rashid, Khadija Tul Kubra and Khadijah M. Abualnaja
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Comparative Analysis of the Time-Fractional Black–Scholes Option Pricing Equations (BSOPE) by the Laplace Residual Power Series Method (LRPSM)

Muhammad Imran Liaqat, Eric Okyere and Watcharaporn Cholamjiak
Journal of Mathematics 2023 1 (2023)

The modified homotopy perturbation method and its application to the dynamics of price evolution in Caputo-fractional order Black Scholes model

Adedapo Ismaila Alaje, Morufu Oyedunsi Olayiwola, Kamilu Adewale Adedokun, Joseph Adeleke Adedeji, Asimiyu Olamilekan Oladapo and Yunus Olanrewaju Akeem
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Study on fuzzy fractional European option pricing model with Mittag-Leffler kernel

Hebatollah Hashemi, Reza Ezzati, Naser Mikaeilvand and Mojtaba Nazari
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An Efficient Method for Solving Fractional Black-Scholes Model with Index and Exponential Decay Kernels

Saima Rashid, Saad Ihsan Butt, Zakia Hammouch, Ebenezer Bonyah and Alexander Meskhi
Journal of Function Spaces 2022 1 (2022)

A Modified Black-Scholes-Merton Model for Option Pricing

Paula Morales-Bañuelos, Nelson Muriel and Guillermo Fernández-Anaya
Mathematics 10 (9) 1492 (2022)

Taming Hyperchaos with Exact Spectral Derivative Discretization Finite Difference Discretization of a Conformable Fractional Derivative Financial System with Market Confidence and Ethics Risk

Dominic P. Clemence-Mkhope and Gregory A. Gibson
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Tangent nonlinear equation in context of fractal fractional operators with nonsingular kernel

Zain Ul Abadin Zafar, Ndolane Sene, Hadi Rezazadeh and Nafiseh Esfandian
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Spectral Solutions for Fractional Black–Scholes Equations

M. A. Abdelkawy, António M. Lopes and Taseer Muhammad
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2022 1 (2022)

Numerical Solution of Time Fractional Black–Scholes Model Based on Legendre Wavelet Neural Network with Extreme Learning Machine

Xiaoning Zhang, Jianhui Yang and Yuxin Zhao
Fractal and Fractional 6 (7) 401 (2022)

A New Homotopy Transformation Method for Solving the Fuzzy Fractional Black–Scholes European Option Pricing Equations under the Concept of Granular Differentiability

Jianke Zhang, Yueyue Wang and Sumei Zhang
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Approximate Analytical Solution of Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Time-Fractional Damped Wave Equation in the Caputo Fractional Derivative Operator

Alemayehu Tamirie Deresse, Yesuf Obsie Mussa, Ademe Kebede Gizaw and José Francisco Gómez Aguilar
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2022 1 (2022)

A Robust Analytical Method for Regularized Long Wave Equations

Haresh P. Jani and Twinkle R. Singh
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Efficient Solution of Fractional-Order SIR Epidemic Model of Childhood Diseases With Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method

Okundalaye Oluwaseun Olumide, Wan Ainun Mior Othman and Necati Ozdemir
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Numerical solving of generalized Black-Scholes differential equation using deep learning based on blocked residual connection

Muzhou Hou, Huawei Fu, Zheng Hu, et al.
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Caputo fractional-order SEIRP model for COVID-19 Pandemic

Saheed O. Akindeinde, Eric Okyere, Adebayo O. Adewumi, et al.
Alexandria Engineering Journal 61 (1) 829 (2022)

Numerical Simulation of Elastic Wave Field in Viscoelastic Two-Phasic Porous Materials Based on Constant Q Fractional-Order BISQ Model

Ning Hu, Maofa Wang, Baochun Qiu and Yuanhong Tao
Materials 15 (3) 1020 (2022)

Analysis of an Electrical Circuit Using Two-Parameter Conformable Operator in the Caputo Sense

Ewa Piotrowska and Łukasz Sajewski
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Approximate-Analytical solution to the information measure’s based quanto option pricing model

Luckshay Batra and H.C. Taneja
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Application of the Generalized Laplace Homotopy Perturbation Method to the Time-Fractional Black–Scholes Equations Based on the Katugampola Fractional Derivative in Caputo Type

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Fundamental calculus of the fractional derivative defined with Rabotnov exponential kernel and application to nonlinear dispersive wave model

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Numerical solving of the generalized Black-Scholes differential equation using Laguerre neural network

Yinghao Chen, Hanyu Yu, Xiangyu Meng, et al.
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A Novel Homotopy Perturbation Algorithm Using Laplace Transform for Conformable Partial Differential Equations

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New Illustrative Applications of Integral Transforms to Financial Models with Different Fractional Derivatives

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The Fractional View Analysis of Polytropic Gas, Unsteady Flow System

Hassan Khan, Saeed Islam, Muhammad Arif and Lishan Liu
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Analytical solutions of some nonlinear fractional‐order differential equations by different methods

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On Comparative Analysis for the Black-Scholes Model in the Generalized Fractional Derivatives Sense via Jafari Transform

Saima Rashid, Sobia Sultana, Rehana Ashraf, Mohammed K. A. Kaabar and Youssri Hassan Youssri
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A Novel Homotopy Perturbation Method with Applications to Nonlinear Fractional Order KdV and Burger Equation with Exponential-Decay Kernel

Shabir Ahmad, Aman Ullah, Ali Akgül, Manuel De la Sen and Alexander Meskhi
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Applications of Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis

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Fractional order oxygen–plankton system under climate change

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The role of prostitution on HIV transmission with memory: A modeling approach

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Modeling and analysis of COVID-19 epidemics with treatment in fractional derivatives using real data from Pakistan

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Chaotic dynamics of a fractional order HIV-1 model involving AIDS-related cancer cells

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An efficient analytical technique for fractional partial differential equations occurring in ion acoustic waves in plasma

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An efficient analytical approach for fractional equal width equations describing hydro-magnetic waves in cold plasma

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Black–Scholes option pricing equations described by the Caputo generalized fractional derivative

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Modeling, discretization, and hyperchaos detection of conformable derivative approach to a financial system with market confidence and ethics risk

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Homotopy Perturbation ρ-Laplace Transform Method and Its Application to the Fractional Diffusion Equation and the Fractional Diffusion-Reaction Equation

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Local generalization of transversality conditions for optimal control problem

Beyza Billur İskender Eroglu, Dіlara Yapişkan, D. Kumar, et al.
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A new iterative method based solution for fractional Black–Scholes option pricing equations (BSOPE)

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A Continuous Time Bertrand Duopoly Game With Fractional Delay and Conformable Derivative: Modeling, Discretization Process, Hopf Bifurcation, and Chaos

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Fractional Mass-Spring-Damper System Described by Generalized Fractional Order Derivatives

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Applications of differential transformation method to solve systems of ordinary and partial differential equations

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