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Unveiling the Dynamics behind Glioblastoma Multiforme Single-Cell Data Heterogeneity

Marcos Guilherme Vieira Junior , Adriano Maurício de Almeida Côrtes, Flávia Raquel Gonçalves Carneiro, Nicolas Carels and Fabrício Alves Barbosa da Silva
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 25 (9) 4894 (2024)

A logic-incorporated gene regulatory network deciphers principles in cell fate decisions

Gang Xue, Xiaoyi Zhang, Wanqi Li, Lu Zhang, Zongxu Zhang, Xiaolin Zhou, Di Zhang, Lei Zhang and Zhiyuan Li
eLife 12 (2024)

A logic-incorporated gene regulatory network deciphers principles in cell fate decisions

Gang Xue, Xiaoyi Zhang, Wanqi Li, Lu Zhang, Zongxu Zhang, Xiaolin Zhou, Di Zhang, Lei Zhang and Zhiyuan Li
eLife 12 (2024)

Ultra-early medical treatment-oriented system identification using High-Dimension Low-Sample-Size data

Xun Shen, Naruto Shimada, Hampei Sasahara and Jun-ichi Imura
IFAC Journal of Systems and Control 27 100245 (2024)

The art of modeling gene regulatory circuits

Mariana Gómez-Schiavon, Isabel Montejano-Montelongo, F. Sophia Orozco-Ruiz and Cristina Sotomayor-Vivas
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Dimensionality reduction of networked systems with separable coupling-dynamics: Theory and applications

Chengyi Tu, Ying Fan and Tianyu Shi
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 182 114833 (2024)

Nonlinear classifiers for wet-neuromorphic computing using gene regulatory neural network

Adrian Ratwatte, Samitha Somathilaka, Sasitharan Balasubramaniam and Assaf A. Gilad
Biophysical Reports 4 (3) 100158 (2024)

Robustness and reproducibility of simple and complex synthetic logic circuit designs using a DBTL loop

Breschine Cummins, Justin Vrana, Robert C Moseley, Hamed Eramian, Anastasia Deckard, Pedro Fontanarrosa, Daniel Bryce, Mark Weston, George Zheng, Joshua Nowak, Francis C Motta, Mohammed Eslami, Kara Layne Johnson, Robert P Goldman, Chris J Myers, Tessa Johnson, Matthew W Vaughn, Niall Gaffney, Joshua Urrutia, Shweta Gopaulakrishnan, Vanessa Biggers, Trissha R Higa, Lorraine A Mosqueda, Marcio Gameiro, Tomáš Gedeon, et al.
Synthetic Biology 8 (1) (2023)

Bye bye, linearity, bye: quantification of the mean for linear CRNs in a random environment

Mark Sinzger-D’Angelo, Sofia Startceva and Heinz Koeppl
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A General Approach for the Modelling of Negative Feedback Physiological Control Systems

Alfonso Maria Ponsiglione, Francesco Montefusco, Leandro Donisi, Annarita Tedesco, Carlo Cosentino, Alessio Merola, Maria Romano and Francesco Amato
Bioengineering 10 (7) 835 (2023)

Marcos Guilherme Vieira Junior, Adriano Maurício de Almeida Côrtes, Flávia Raquel Gonçalves Carneiro, Nicolas Carels and Fabrício Alves Barbosa da Silva

A mathematical model of protein subunits COVID-19 vaccines

Samaneh Gholami, Chapin S. Korosec, Suzan Farhang-Sardroodi, David W. Dick, Morgan Craig, Mohammad Sajjad Ghaemi, Hsu Kiang Ooi and Jane M. Heffernan
Mathematical Biosciences 358 108970 (2023)

Engineered Bacteria for Short-Chain-Fatty-Acid-Repressed Expression of Biotherapeutic Molecules

Kineret Serebrinsky-Duek, Maria Barra, Tal Danino, Daniel Garrido and Jasna Kovac
Microbiology Spectrum 11 (2) (2023)

Experimental and computational methods to highlight behavioural variations in TonB-dependent transporter expression in Pseudomonas aeruginosa versus siderophore concentration

Thibaut Hubert, Morgan Madec and Isabelle J. Schalk
Scientific Reports 13 (1) (2023)

An Efficient and Robust Underwater Image Compression Scheme Based on Autoencoder

Jiahui Liu, Fei Yuan, Chang Xue, Zhenyu Jia and En Cheng
IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering 48 (3) 925 (2023)

Theoretical and computational tools to model multistable gene regulatory networks

Federico Bocci, Dongya Jia, Qing Nie, Mohit Kumar Jolly and José Onuchic
Reports on Progress in Physics 86 (10) 106601 (2023)

A multiscale hybrid model for exploring the effect of Resolvin D1 on macrophage polarization during acute inflammation

Jeroen F. Uleman, Emiliano Mancini, Rushd F.M. Al-Shama, Anje A. te Velde, Aletta D. Kraneveld and Filippo Castiglione
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Investigating and Modeling the Factors That Affect Genetic Circuit Performance

Shai Zilberzwige-Tal, Pedro Fontanarrosa, Darya Bychenko, Yuval Dorfan, Ehud Gazit and Chris J. Myers
ACS Synthetic Biology 12 (11) 3189 (2023)

Minimizing Severity of Dengue Serotype 1 Infection By Transmissible Interfering Particles

Aminath Shausan, Chris Drovandi and Kerrie Mengersen
SSRN Electronic Journal (2022)

Modelling the Collective Mechanical Regulation of the Structure and Morphology of Epithelial Cell Layers

Hamid Khataee, Madeleine Fraser and Zoltan Neufeld
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 10 (2022)

Prediction of lubrication layer properties of pumped concrete based on flow induced particle migration

Xiangyu Xie, Lihai Zhang, Caijun Shi and Xuemei Liu
Construction and Building Materials 322 126115 (2022)

Comparative Analysis of Cell Metabolic Activity Sensing by Escherichia coli rrnB P1-lux and Cd Responsive-Lux Biosensors: Time-Resolved Experiments and Mechanistic Modelling

Eva Delatour, Christophe Pagnout, Marie L. Zaffino and Jérôme F. L. Duval
Biosensors 12 (9) 763 (2022)

Understanding the Genome-Wide Transcription Response To Various cAMP Levels in Bacteria Using Phenomenological Models

Shweta Chakraborty, Parul Singh, Aswin Sai Narain Seshasayee and Richard A. Notebaart
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Buffering variability in cell regulation motifs close to criticality

Daniele Proverbio, Arthur N. Montanari, Alexander Skupin and Jorge Gonçalves
Physical Review E 106 (3) (2022)

A New Model of Hemoglobin Oxygenation

Igor A. Lavrinenko, Gennady A. Vashanov, José L. Hernández Cáceres, Anatoly S. Buchelnikov and Yury D. Nechipurenko
Entropy 24 (9) 1214 (2022)

On the adapting ability of living organisms to stationary and non-stationary electromagnetic fields

G Roşu, S Spandole-Dinu, A-M Catrina, et al.
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 1254 (1) 012024 (2022)

Breschine Cummins, Justin Vrana, Robert C. Moseley, Hamed Eramian, Anastasia Deckard, Pedro Fontanarrosa, Daniel Bryce, Mark Weston, George Zheng, Joshua Nowak, Francis C. Motta, Mohammed Eslami, Kara Layne Johnson, Robert P. Goldman, Chris J. Myers, Tessa Johnson, Matthew W. Vaughn, Niall Gaffney, Joshua Urrutia, Shweta Gopaulakrishnan, Vanessa Biggers, Trissha R. Higa, Lorraine A. Mosqueda, Marcio Gameiro, Tomáš Gedeon, et al.

Emergent dynamics of a three-node regulatory network explain phenotypic switching and heterogeneity: a case study of Th1/Th2/Th17 cell differentiation

Atchuta Srinivas Duddu, Sauma Suvra Majumdar, Sarthak Sahoo, et al.
Molecular Biology of the Cell 33 (6) (2022)

Deciphering landscape dynamics of cell fate decision via a Lyapunov method

Chun Li, Jinxin Dong, Jing Li, Wen Zhu, Peng Wang, Yuhua Yao, Chuanan Wei and Henry Han
Computational Biology and Chemistry 98 107689 (2022)

Kinetics of Bacterial Adaptation, Growth, and Death at Didecyldimethylammonium Chloride sub-MIC Concentrations

Adrián Pedreira, José A. Vázquez and Míriam R. García
Frontiers in Microbiology 13 (2022)

Segmentation-clock synchronization in circular-lattice networks of embryonic presomitic-mesoderm cells

Jesús Pantoja-Hernández and Moisés Santillán
AIMS Mathematics 6 (6) 5817 (2021)

Hybrid reaction–diffusion and clock-and-wavefront model for the arrest of oscillations in the somitogenesis segmentation clock

Jesús Pantoja-Hernández, Víctor F. Breña-Medina and Moisés Santillán
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 31 (6) (2021)

A systems approach to elucidate personalized mechanistic complexities of antibody-Fc receptor activation post-vaccination

Melissa M. Lemke, Milla R. McLean, Christina Y. Lee, et al.
Cell Reports Medicine 2 (9) 100386 (2021)

COVID-19 virtual patient cohort suggests immune mechanisms driving disease outcomes

Adrianne L. Jenner, Rosemary A. Aogo, Sofia Alfonso, et al.
PLOS Pathogens 17 (7) e1009753 (2021)

Altering transcription factor binding reveals comprehensive transcriptional kinetics of a basic gene

Achim P Popp, Johannes Hettich and J Christof M Gebhardt
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A mean-field approach for modeling the propagation of perturbations in biochemical reaction networks

Michelle Przedborski, David Sharon, Steven Chan and Mohammad Kohandel
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Adrianne L. Jenner, Rosemary A. Aogo, Sofia Alfonso, Vivienne Crowe, Amanda P. Smith, Penelope A. Morel, Courtney L. Davis, Amber M. Smith and Morgan Craig

Modeling the Relationship Between Antibody-Dependent Enhancement and Disease Severity in Secondary Dengue Infection

Felipe de A. Camargo, Mostafa Adimy, Lourdes Esteva, Clémence Métayer and Cláudia P. Ferreira
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 83 (8) (2021)

Dynamic of Cytokine Storm in Human Inflammatory Response of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS-CoV)-Induced Disease

A Wiraya, L Fitriana, Triyanto and R Setiawan
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1808 (1) 012054 (2021)

Analysis of decay kinetics of the cytosolic calcium transient induced by oxytocin in rat myometrium smooth muscle cells

S. O. Karakhim, S. G. Shlykov, L. G. Babich and D. V. Sinko
Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility 42 (1) 117 (2021)

Analysing how changes in the health status of healthcare workers affects epidemic outcomes

I. Phadke, A. McKee, J.M. Conway and K. Shea
Epidemiology and Infection 149 (2021)

Effects of dynamical time scale mismatch on time series analysis using event intervals

G.N. Derry, E. Mullen and K.A. Marcelino
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 80 104986 (2020)

Development of a Pharmacokinetic Model Describing Neonatal Fc Receptor‐Mediated Recycling of HL2351, a Novel Hybrid Fc‐Fused Interleukin‐1 Receptor Antagonist, to Optimize Dosage Regimen

Lien Ngo, Jaeseong Oh, Anhye Kim, Hyun‐moon Back, Won‐ho Kang, Jung‐woo Chae, Hwi‐yeol Yun and Howard Lee
CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology 9 (10) 584 (2020)

Mathematical Analysis for the Hystereses of a Soft Ferromagnetic Steel by a Modified Rayleigh Model

Andrea Paesano, Tayla Jaqueline B. Alves, Rafael Franco Ferreira, et al.
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 56 (4) 1 (2020)

Chitosan Hydrogels for Synergistic Delivery of Chemotherapeutics to Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells and Spheroids

John D. Schneible, Ashlyn T. Young, M. A. Daniele and S. Menegatti
Pharmaceutical Research 37 (7) (2020)

The role of cooperativity in a p53-miR34 dynamical mathematical model

Svetoslav Nikolov, Olaf Wolkenhauer, Julio Vera and Momchil Nenov
Journal of Theoretical Biology 495 110252 (2020)

Temperature: A key parameter on soil content reduction simulation in recycled asphalt aggregate

Milkos Borges Cabrera, Tomoaki Satomi and Hiroshi Takahashi
Journal of Cleaner Production 261 121236 (2020)

Translational approaches to treating dynamical diseases through in silico clinical trials

Sofia Alfonso, Adrianne L. Jenner and Morgan Craig
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 30 (12) (2020)

Cell cycle control and environmental response by second messengers in Caulobacter crescentus

Chunrui Xu, Bronson R. Weston, John J. Tyson and Yang Cao
BMC Bioinformatics 21 (S14) (2020)

Reprogramming Multistable Monotone Systems With Application to Cell Fate Control

Rushina Shah and Domitilla Del Vecchio
IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering 7 (4) 2940 (2020)

A computational study of the gene expression in the tryptophan operon with two types of cooperativity

José Roberto Cantú-González, O. Díaz-Hernández, Elizeth Ramírez-Álvarez, et al.
Advances in Computational Mathematics 45 (4) 1843 (2019)

Bistable behaviour and medium-dependent post-translational regulation of the tryptophanase operon regulatory pathway in Echerichia coli

David I. Orozco-Gómez, Juan Eduardo Sosa-Hernández, Óscar Adrián Gallardo-Navarro, Jesús Santana-Solano and Moisés Santillán
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Models of cytokine dynamics in the inflammatory response of viral zoonotic infectious diseases

Linda J S Allen, Colleen B Jonsson, Sophia Jang and Wenjing Zhang
Mathematical Medicine and Biology: A Journal of the IMA 36 (3) 269 (2019)


Journal of Biological Systems 27 (03) 383 (2019)

Normalized shear strength of trapezoidal corrugated steel webs: Improved modeling and uncertainty propagation

Moussa Leblouba, Samer Barakat, Mohamed Maalej, Salah Al-Toubat and Abdul Saboor Karzad
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Polymerization of sarcoplasmic-reticulum calcium-binding proteins might explain observed reticulum kinetics-on-demand behavior

Laura Sánchez-Gómez, Agustín Guerrero-Hernández and Moisés Santillán
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Endogenous Neuropeptide Nocistatin Is a Direct Agonist of Acid-Sensing Ion Channels (ASIC1, ASIC2 and ASIC3)

Dmitry I. Osmakov, Sergey G. Koshelev, Igor A. Ivanov, Yaroslav A. Andreev and Sergey A. Kozlov
Biomolecules 9 (9) 401 (2019)

Intelligent Computing Theories and Application

Haifeng Wang and Sanrong Liu
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Intelligent Computing Theories and Application 11644 708 (2019)

Entrainment of superoxide rhythm by menadione in HCT116 colon cancer cells

Uma Kizhuveetil, Meghana V. Palukuri, Priyanshu Sharma, et al.
Scientific Reports 9 (1) (2019)

From Continuous to Discontinuous Transitions in Social Diffusion

Paula Tuzón, Juan Fernández-Gracia and Víctor M. Eguíluz
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Hill functions for stochastic gene regulatory networks from master equations with split nodes and time-scale separation

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Normalized shear strength of trapezoidal corrugated steel webs

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Backward-stochastic-differential-equation approach to modeling of gene expression

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Decision Making in an Intracellular Genetic Classifier

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Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena 12 (4) 30 (2017)